2020 VIC School Holidays Calendar with School Terms Dates

Get to know about all the VIC School Holidays and also the VIC School Term Dates for the session 2019-2020. Today, in this article we are presenting you the list of all the holidays of schools in Victoria and how this list is helpful for both the parents and their children.

Below is the list in a tabular representation which you can also download by clicking on the download link. Also, you can get the holiday list for the year VIC School Holidays 2021 here.

VIC School Terms Dates 2020

There is a different kind of calendar belong to different groups and community. Mainly the place where we use to live is the most important factor, It is very important for us when we are talking about the calendar. Community and groups also play an important role in the making holiday calendar. Did you think why calendars are important for us?

Just think about this you will find your answer very soon,  we found that there is a different festive event, important dates related to your work arrive during the year, to remind those dates and to pre-planning that dates are we should have holiday calendar for the academic year. This activity makes our work easy and productive, we could plan our work according to the calendar and will be prepared for the upcoming task. This process also makes us more confident and smart.

VIC School Calendar 2020

Calendars are very important for school going students, it keeps them aware of upcoming examination and test they could prepare for the examination in advance.they can also prepare their time table for that particular month or year. This process makes them more effective. This is why the calendar is fruitful for students. In the VIC school holidays calendar, each and every important date related to examination is given and holidays with the name of the event are given in the calendar.

VIC School Holidays 2020

VIC School Holidays 2020


Important Days of Calendar


Autumn holidays in schoolFrom 28 March to 13 April
Summer holidays From 27 June  to 12 July
Winter holidaysFrom 19 December to 27 January
Spring holidaysFrom 19 September to 4 October

In the above chart, we have shown the examination date and VIC school holidays of the session year 2020-2021. In the provided chart we can clearly see the starting and finishing date of examination during the academic year 2020-2021. So from the given information students and teacher of the school could be aware of the upcoming term and holidays after the exam.

There are some important dates which are related to teacher’s and the staffs like director and principal of the school is also mention in the calendar. The Victorian curriculum is also provided to the school authority of the school. Key dates for the of the school faculties are also given in the calendar.

The first day of the first session is considered as the student free day of the year. Some important dates like public holidays and youth week are also celebrated in the according to the given calendar. We have given enough information regarding the holiday calendar of 2020-2021.

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