2019 VIC School Holidays Calendar with School Terms Dates

VIC School Holidays 2019 is here for those who have been waiting for. It is the full list of all the school holidays which will help you and your child to make future plans regarding the studies.

The VIC School Calendar is also available for several different years as VIC School Calendar 2020, VIC School Calendar 2021, and so on.

Holidays are very important for everyone, it has a very specific and significant role in our life. You can signify holidays as the time when we do our personal thing apart from our daily life. Holidays reduce the monotony of our life because of it we find something exciting in our life. Holidays are designated by the government, the religious organization and the organization were used to work.

Holidays depends on the place where we live and the society and community in which we live.holidays are also required in festive time when we like to stay at home with our family.

VIC School Holidays 2019

Sometimes it becomes tough to find holiday dates so, the solution to this problem is that we should have a holiday calendar on which we can see the upcoming holidays of the particular year. Holiday calendar made our life easy in so many ways. Like when we have the holiday calendar of the year 2019-2020, we can plan something for all the holidays of the year in advance and can make our holidays more joyful and memorable with family and friend. To take advantage of these holidays you must know about the holidays. VIC school holidays list is provided by us here which is also in a template form.

VIC School Terms Dates 2019

Different calendars are provided in different organizations. Like in school we got a different calendar for holidays and it could be different for other organization. Different design of the calendar is provided in a different group of people. We are going to talk about the holiday calendar victoria school, in this calendar, we have discussed all the holiday event which will occur during the year 2019-2020.

VIC School Calendar 2019

In this calendar, we will discuss all the examination dates and sessions and holidays occurring during this session. In the given table we have shown the whole calendar-

VIC School Holidays 2019


StartEnd Session
30th Jan5th April1st term
23rd April28th June2nd term
15th July20th September3rd term
7th October20th December4th term

We have tried to show all the dates through this chart but there are also some dates which are important for holiday purpose like a public holiday in Victoria, youth week (which is celebrated in the national week), etc, are also important for us. From the given data it will be easy of the student to keep themselves aware of the annual examination during the session 2019-2020. The holidays are coming in the middle of each term, like the first term will end on 5th April term and the second term will start on 23rd April. It means there will be a holiday for the student after each session. So we can count our holidays during the year 2019-2020.

There are some important dates for the principal and teachers’ of the school from the Victorian curriculum and assessment authority of the school. In this page, we have provided all the dates which are important for the VIC school holidays calendar. Anyone could go through this website to keep themselves updated for this VIC school holidays calendar. The can get information about all of four terms of the school curriculum. Other than these holidays you can know about other public holidays in Victoria here visitmelbourne.com

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